My Parents Helped Us in a Unique Way for My Wife and I to Afford a New Executive Condo

A nice home to me is a brand new executive condominium here in Singapore. My parents knew the struggle to be able to afford a new place while paying to live somewhere. They invited my wife and I to stay with them when we got married. We talked it over and gave it a try. My wife and mother have a wonderful relationship, so it worked out very well. My parents refused to take any rent or food money. They told us the only rule was for us to save. Now that the parc life project is open for sale of the condo units, we are ready to make our purchase. We will not have to finance much as we have been saving to buy our new home with cash.

My parents said that the monthly contribution to our future by paying their lease and for the bills and food was the inheritance they could give me. I liked that immensely. Some children get money when their parents pass. Mine have made a way for my bride and I to have a new home that we are almost paying for entirely with cash because of saving on rent, food and bills. We were able to put a huge portion of our paychecks into being able to buy our new home. This taught us a lot about saving money for the future.

Our budget is right on track for being able to afford living at our new place. Both my father and my mother wholeheartedly approved of our choice of the Signature Yishun executive condo we picked to purchase. It is an investment that will increase in value fi we wish to move again in the future. It is so nice to have this head start in our young married life together.