Finding the Perfect Luxury Living Space Not on the Public Real Estate Listings

We were looking for a luxury loft, but all of the advertised spaces were not up to the descriptions in the ads. We then decided to take a chance on a Denver Realtor that can find properties anywhere. He has even done international property sales. A friend told us that he could find us the perfect place because he has connections in the real estate markets that other agents probably would not have. We told him that we wanted a large loft to use as a living space and a studio, but it had to be luxurious. Knowing the people in the industry like he does, he was able to find us a place that was not being publicly listed.

The price per square foot was right where we expected it to be for such a luxurious loft space. It is located in a building that is perfect for us. The space was not like anything you might find even in those real estate papers that offer luxury properties. This is one of those insider spaces that never goes on the regular public real estate market if it is empty, and only certain privileged real estate people know about it. It is nice to have an expert in the industry that knows how to find properties like this. It is all about contacts and keeping in touch with people who are in the know for the high-end real estate market.

Our space is stunning with its tall windows and abundance of natural light. It is also nice to have our full working studio in our living space. No more commuting into and out of the city to work. It makes it easier on us for our daily work routines as we work together producing high-end art pieces for sale to our patrons.